What to Wear While Gardening

by Stephanie Forbes

We all have that special outfit we wear when we attend different events like football games, birthday parties, local carnivals, etc. But have you ever considered what you should wear when you go to the garden? I know when I started working in the garden I had no clue. After a couple of times going to the garden I quickly learned what type of garden clothes you should have on hand.


Everyone should have a good hat when working out in the hot sun. It should be a wide brim that will protect you from the sun all the way around. A big straw hat is a good choice. Or a handy dandy cowboy hat. 


While working in a garden you will use your hands so you need to protect them. The use of gloves will protect your hands from the harsh elements while using tools, pulling weeds, and digging in the dirt. 


A long sleeve light-colored cotton shirt is best. Why wear long sleeves? Well, long sleeves protect you from the sun, mosquitoes, and any flying debris. However, if you decide to wear short sleeves please make sure that you wear sunscreen to protect your skin. 

Long Pants

A good pair of cargo pants will be best at a farm or if you want you can bring back the overalls. Cargo pants are great because they have multiple pockets to hold your phone & keys and your seeds. Any pair of pants will work just as long as you are comfortable.


It’s totally up to you but the best type of shoes to wear is a pair of work boots or rubber boots. No sandals, flip flops or open toe shoesThe conditions of the ground could be muddy and slushy conditions so you don’t want to wear your favorite tennis shoes because you will definitely leave dirty! 

During this unique time in our nation don’t forget to bring your face mask. We want to make sure that we follow the set rules of COVID-19 to keep each other safe.

Now that we have covered the outerwear you should also make sure you bring water with you to the garden. It can get pretty hot while you are working so you will want to make sure that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated at all cost.

To sum up, wear what makes you feel comfortable. It is not necessary to spend extra money on times that you don’t really need. You can always visit your local Goodwill for some clothes to wear in the garden.  Now, what do your garden clothes look like?

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