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Kindly note that Catawba Trail Farm eggs and firewood must be purchased separately. For more details and to make your purchase, please refer to the information provided below. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Catawba Trail Farm Eggs

$5.00 per dozen

Contact Lucille Patterson at lpatterson@ucan.today OR 919-452-9906


Seasoned Firewood

$125 per 1/2 cord (truck load)

$6 per bundle

$25 delivery

If interested, contact Justin Wooley at justin@ucan.today OR 312-545-2442

Making Your Purchase

UCAN’s Cash App username: $2080Catawba

Need help?

Phone number associated with UCAN’s Zelle account:  919-599-1533

Need help?

Email us at info@ucan.today or call us at 919-599-1533. Make sure to provide details of your purchase (i.e the items and amount). We’ll then coordinate delivery or pick-up time for cash or check payment.