There’s Joy in Beginning

By Executive Director, Delphine Sellars

There is nothing like anticipation, waiting and time.  Your imagination gives way to all of the positive things that could happen.  That is if you are a positive person such as I.  You consider how others will or will not react. Oh, anticipation!  Then there is the reality.  A reality that is not even close to your anticipation; best not to over anticipate.

That’s how I felt up to and including our Martin Luther King, Jr  Workdays.  In less than three weeks, prior to MLK, a small group of UCAN Board and non-board members managed to harvest logs/wood, assess the structures, clear common areas and completely clear the future garden area.  Wow, all this with the weather being less than desired.  We had a lot of pre-work to do before MLK!

The entire MLK weekend was cold, cold, cold!  And the volunteers came, yes they did.  The weather & temperature did not stop people from coming out to volunteer.  The spirit, joy, friendship, karma, not to mention the two sources of fire for warmth, diminished the cold.   I must admit that Tuesday was too much even for the hardiest of us and we ended this day early.

We accomplished so much at the Catawba Trail Farm.  Urban Community AgriNomics sincerely thanks everyone for their support during our three days of MLK.

You made the difference!! Oh, what a difference you made!

mizzparkerJanuary 23, 2018 at 9:42 PM

It is amazing to witness the transformation of the land, meet awesome people, and be part of something greater.

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