Sheer Excitement!

By Former Secretary Derek Haynes

I can remember the beginning of Urban Community AgriNomics, and our speaking of the visions and future of our work.  Our meetings, our seeing prospective areas, and now our having actual land we are actually building on!  To see the Catawba Trail Farm (CTF) become a reality after being a dream is simply astonishing!  A big thank you to the lovely people of Triangle Land Conservancy for collaborating with us!

To see the volunteers come and help us also leaves me speechless!  These past workdays have been ice cold, and even super muddy, but we still had people willing to tough it out.  People willing to donate some sweat equity to further the set up of the CTF.  And so far, UCAN has hit the ground running with workdays, and progress of the garden area.  I truly cannot wait until the growing season comes, and we can provide fresh produce, and herbs!

It is so great to see various people, of all levels of diversity coming together.  Nature so always provide a focus for us to meet with people who are different than us.  Create a bond while enjoying the aesthetics of the flora around us.  There’s something about being outdoors that brings peace, and harmony to me.  Maybe it’s the botanical side of me, but I would like to think that appreciation of these outdoor spaces, these historical farms, trails, and forests can help us to get outside of ourselves long enough to really forget prejudices and issues that can plague us.  Plant seeds that will grow into joy, laughter, and tranquility.

I know that volunteering and being in nature is like therapy for me; I will definitely attend the next couple of workdays, and hope to see you there!

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