UCAN Vegetable Spotlight | Presenting: Swiss Chard

by Stephanie Forbes  What’s a pirate’s favorite vegetable?  What? Swiss Chaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrd, matey I crack myself up sometimes. Ok, no more jokes. Have you ever heard of Swiss Chard? It is […]

Revolution Through the Land and in Ourselves

Written By: Stacia Turner During times of uncertainty like the current state of our world, the most promising strides towards sustainable adaptation lie in innovative solutions for simultaneously building self-sufficiency […]

Train Up A Child: Gardening Style!

by Sabre Morris Who would have thought gardening would be exciting for not only me but for the kiddos? Who would have thought we could bond so well while smushing […]

What to Wear While Gardening

by Stephanie Forbes We all have that special outfit we wear when we attend different events like football games, birthday parties, local carnivals, etc. But have you ever considered what […]

A Fall Adage

By Former Secretary Derek Haynes As seasons change, it can be quite the task to consider the next plants to start within your garden.  Granted, the showy plants of the summer […]

Seed Money Recap

By Executive Director, Delphine Sellars As we approach our 1 Year Anniversary of having the Catawba Trail Farm,  we acknowledge our accomplishments, and lessons learned. Look for the release of […]